Solar Powered Sprinkler Water Pump

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This decorative fountain is powered by a highly efficient solar panel and a new brush pump.

It starts up quickly, and efficiently, and has strong stability.

It is a safe and user-friendly product that can be used as a decorative solar fountain for garden ponds, fish tanks, and water circulation.


  • This is a solar-powered fountain pump kit that can be used for fountains, waterfalls and water displays.

  • It runs automatically and doesn't require any battery or electricity, just the sunshine.

  • The pump should be placed entirely in the water with its nozzle over the water, and it should be fixed firmly on the bottom of the fountain to avoid any vibration.

  • Note that the pump may get blocked when working in muddy water, and in that case, it needs to be taken apart for cleaning.

  • To ensure that it works properly, make sure to place the solar panel under enough sunlight and face it directly toward the sun on a sunny day.


  • Type: Solar Powered Sprinkler Water Pump

  • Power Source: Solar

  • Base Type: None

  • Certification: CCC, RoHS, CE, PSE

  • Model Number: 080813LSYG

  • Features: solar powered

  • Body Material: ABS

  • Voltage: 6V

  • Protection Level: IP65

  • Warranty: 2 years