Solar Pillar Light Round Ball Stainless Steel Base

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The most popular solar light in our store, this elegant solar light is of high quality for your villa entrance lighting or for your fence and outdoor garden


  1. High quality LED conversion rate

  2. During the day, the solar solar panel convert solar energy to electricity, stored in the rechargeable battery and automatically the LED lights will light at night

  3. Integrated solar panel design, beautiful, easy to install, effectively improve the service life of the doorpost.

  4. Poly silicon solar panel, fast photoelectric conversion, safe and reliable.

No wiring, energy saving, green environmental protection; and the life span a long time, there are more than 60000 hours of continuous light


Features: Outdoor solar lighting
Warranty: 2 years
Certifications: CQC, CCC, ROHS, CE, FCC
Voltage: 6V
Power Source: Solar
Body Material: ABS
Solar Cell Type: Ni-MH
Outline size: 200mm/250mm
Light color: Cold White/Warm White
Waterproof Protection Level: IP65 rating
Application: Gardens/villas
function: Solar charging/Automatic lighting at night
light source: 16*LED/18*LED